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Small business

Residential service

Geek at the Ready is now able to provide computer instruction in the comfort of your own home. Through our remote assistance program you won't have to open up your home to anyone. We can patiently guide you through each lesson of your choice.

Virus removal

Internet information can sometimes be harmful to your computer and in some cases cause virus's and pop-ups!

+trip charge may apply.

if virus is treatable
Anti-virus software installation

Software not included in this price. +trip charge may apply.

Computer Back-Up and Restore

All personal information is backed up, operating system reload and personal information transferred back in to the computer.

+ trip charge may apply.

Internet set-up

Wired or wireless networks, equipment costs not included, free email. Set-up with this service is free. +trip charge may apply

Computer hardware cleaning

With hardware installation this service is free.

+trip charge may apply.

Hardware Diagnostics

Diagnostics and troubleshooting

+trip charge may apply.

Hardware Installation

Computer up-grades and replacements

+trip charge may apply.

Software troubleshooting

Diagnose software errors

*Trip charge may apply.

Information transfer
Computer instruction  
Remote Support
Data Recovery
Trip Charge
Network security

starting at Computer back-up & restore

for each computer
IPOD back-up
Hardware troubleshooting
On-line storage & back-up
Operating System Upgrade
Hardware Upgrades
Computer maintenance
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