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"Recently I thought I had a major problem with my computer.  When I called Matt Gjerde and he looked at my computer it was a simple problem to him.  He was very prompt on the service call, very polite and talked in computer terms that I could understand.  Matt's repair charges were very reasonable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him as your computer technician."

  -Darlene Casey-

Matt is the best with computers; he is able to solve my problems.  The best part is that he always explains to me what the problem is and shows me how to solve any trouble that I might encounter.  He is always available and ready to help.  If you want your computer to work fast and not freeze all of the time then call the best computer guy in town, MATT!"

-Elena Cabrerra

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Matt has received practical work experience as an intern for Mayor Price in 1994.  For two years Matt volunteered his time and chaired a committee whose purpose was to increase awareness of resources and benefits to the disabled community.  In June of the same year, Matt went on to work on President Clinton's National Performance Review for on-shore drilling.  Matt continued on to create a communication database to connect the U.S. Department of Energy, the entire Department of interior, the U.S. Forest Service and various other governmental agencies.  Not surprisingly, Matt was given an award from the Department of Interior's Volunteer Service.

Matt obtained his degree from Bakersfield College and also went on to receive his Microsoft Certification.
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